About Us

Progress Portland is a team of locals who want to push Portland out of 19th century politics and structures into a better and equitable future for all Portlanders.

The majority of Portlanders are progressive-minded, and want to see the city move forward with bolder visions that improve people’s lives. We want to see the homeless population housed and treated with individual compassion; we want fair pay, strong unions and support for small businesses; we want a police force that works for the people instead of against them. All of these things are possible with improved leadership and the voices of the community.

We have an unprecedented opportunity to change the face of Portland government.

In 2024, our antiquated five-person, at large council will be replaced with a twelve-person city council with councilors representing each of the four new districts. We have been saddled too long with corporate-minded leaders more interested in their own careers than their constituents.

District representation, and an expanded council, will mean a greater voice for the people of Portland.

What we aren’t is a new political party or a secretly funded Political Action Committee (PAC- (we are NOT a 501c4). The landscape is littered with ineffective parties and PACs with various agendas that end up being election spoilers or navel-gazers. Operating under the Democratic tent gives us power.

Our goal is to work together to encourage new, diverse candidates; prepare a platform of issues that we truly believe in; and then get those folks elected in November 2024. We hope you will join us on this journey.

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