Let’s UnF*ck Portland

How have we gotten here?

For decades, Portland has had a broken system of city government with a Mayor and City Council that are self-serving and power hungry, primarily serving developers and big business.

How we fix this:

Portland has overwhelmingly voted for a new form of city government, and in November of 2024, we have the opportunity to elect people that represent our interests. A new equally-divided, 4-district map has been drawn, allowing each district to elect 3 new council members from their community. This new form of government has the potential to give voice to historically overlooked Portlanders, making for a more equitable and livable city for everyone.

There’s already many awesomely amazing people running for city council in each district, with exciting platforms to make real and positively impactful changes. This is a once in a lifetime chance to fundamentally change how we all live and have our voices represented by people in our community who truly care about us.

But Big money interests are starting to pour money into the race, supporting candidates that will maintain the status quo and ensure little to nothing changes.

Join us at ProgressPortland.org to learn more, organize, and listen to interviews with the incredible people running for office who want to help UnFuck Portland. And get your “Unfuck Portland” or “UnF*ck Portland” sticker just for asking.