“When we criminalize existence, no one’s winning.”

“One of the things that I’ve learned in my time in both the non-profit world and government service for low income folks: The number one intervention for poverty is cash. Give people money, they will spend it wisely. I know it is very unpopular to think of just handing someone money and letting them do what they think is the right thing to do with it, but it is effective. And living wage is one way (to do that.)”

– Chris Flanary

Kip and Tim welcome Chris Flanary to the podcast. Chris is uniquely strong on the intricacies of housing policy in Portland, as they work for the city as a Housing Program Specialist. Chris’s platform is centered around Living Wages, (A) Safety Net, and Entrepreneurship. We get extra wonky into the wonkiness and its an exciting conversation. Please listen and share.

Tim talking with Chris Flanary

You can find more about Chris Flanary at their website (https://www.chrisforportland.com/)

By Kip S

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