“This shelter is opening, that shelter is opening, is this the answer, is that the answer?’ My answer is always “Yes, and.” There are so many different needs out there. There are people struggling with substance abuse, there are people who are struggling with mental health, there are some people who just aren’t making enough money. And if we’re trying to throw a one-size-fits-all solution on any of that, then we are missing the point.”

– Jon Seibert

Housing, homelessness and hunger are on everyone’s mind here in Portland. Jon Seibert, Director of Programs at Blanchet House in Old Town Portland, says that one of the best ways they’re tackling the issue is communication and cooperation between the different non-profits taking on different aspects of the problem. Kip and Tim talk to Jon about the importance of data and also the pitfalls inherent in those numbers, and provide advice for today’s City Council and our batch of candidates for 2024.

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You can find more about Blanchet House and all the ways yo help and support them at their website https://blanchethouse.org/

By Kip S

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