“I’ve had a lot of conversations since I started thinking about running, and part of the joy of being a part-time bus driver is that I full up all my other time with meetings, and talking to people in the community…I think it’s really all about the authenticity about what I learned over the years at Reverend Nat’s: do things I want to do, make ciders I want to make, talk about business, talk about Portland in the way I want to do it.”

– “Rev” Nat West
Tim and Rev Nat West

Rev. Nat West, fresh off of closing his cider business and becoming a TriMet bus driver, talks about his campaign for City Council. West has a long history in the city, and his website has an impressively detailed and nuanced look at how he thinks the city should move forward. Kip and Tim and Nat discuss the 2020 protests and the police response, how the city neglects small business, and why he’s decided to throw his hat in the ring.

We share a delicious non-alcoholic cider and have a robust conversation.

Learn more about West at his web site https://www.revnatforportland.com/

By Kip S

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