“One of the things I’d really like to see the new City Council do is be more of a leader in the collaboration and the coordination of things, instead of saying, “Here’s a bucket of money that we want to do this, go and do it!”, actually being a leader in how this is going to be done, (…) following through on making sure that we are(…) getting those outcomes that we were intending to get when we set these policies into place.”

– Jennifer Park

We’re back with Tim and Kip, bringing you all the candidates worth voting for in the November 2024 City Council election. Today we have Jennifer Park, running in District 2 (North Portland).

Jennifer has tons of on-the-ground experience working in housing policy and is currently Programs Director for The Shadow Project, working to make schools more attentive to kids with learning or attention challenges. Our chat with Jennifer goes deep on housing policy and city politics. We really enjoyed this conversation. We think you will as well.

Jennifer and Tim discussing issues

By Kip S

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