“The way (City Council) is structured, it allows them to disregard the community’s voice. And so I’m hoping that now, with this new form of government, not only will you have your representative in your backyard, you’ll have a much closer connection to them. But also they’re going to be more policy-driven, and so that’s where the community’s voice is most important.”

– Candace Avalos

Candace Avalos has a long history of engagement in Portland politics as a community advocate and grassroots organizer. She’s a self-described “Blacktina”, the daughter of Black Americans from southern Virginia and Guatemalan immigrants who immigrated in the 1970s. She’s currently Executive Director at Verde, a nonprofit dedicated to building environmental wealth through social enterprise.

Kip and Tim talk to her about her work at Verde, her experience working for police accountability, her mission to visit every one of Portland’s 200+ parks, and so much more. 

By Kip S

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