“”What I want to do is bring a new attitude to how we think about government. It starts with who we are, who the people are we’re electing. Ideas are great, but ideas don’t always pan out. Definitely come with practical ideas that can make a real difference, please do and I want to offer those, but it depends on who you are as a person too. That really matters. I want to make sure we’re electing people that really and truly can connect with all kinds of people, everyday Portlanders, the disenfranchised.”

– Christopher Olson

Kip and Tim welcome Christopher Olson to the podcast.

Chris came to our studio wearing his trademark “Practice Radical Empathy” sweatshirt. Olson is newish to Portland, but he sees that as an asset. Our conversation ranged from the secret City Hall bunker, to embracing data, and thinking long term on police reform.

Please listen and share.

You can find more about Chris Olson at their website https://www.olsonforpdx.com/

By Kip S

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